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Lamar Snowboards has made some serious techncal leaps and bounds for a Austrian snowboard brand.

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Lamar Snowboards

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Lamar Snowboards

    Lamar is committed to building the best riding boards on the market. Offer boards of all widths in all categories, to give you more options to choose from and you get the right board. New boards specific for park, pipe, backcountry, packed or powder conditions. Built in Austria, modern looks and styles powered by performance driven technologies make it happen at Lamar. Lamar Snowboards

Lamar boards, bindings, boots, bags and helmets.  Lamar Boards Package

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Offering these Lamar snowboard styles: Morph, Siren, Endless, Ainjel, Slayer, Storm, Realm, Realm wide, Tripper, Cruiser, Intrigue, Ultra, Whisper, Fascination, Blazer, Mission, Diablo, Foxie, Merlot, Pixie, Blazer Jr., Missiona Jr., Tagger Jr., Pixie Jr., Foxie Jr. Lamar Snowboard Packages

    Choose from shape designs that are directional, directional twin Widths that are standardd, mid to wide widths, Mounting Systems that are I-Lock or inserts.

Also: Boots, Bindings Bags, Headwear, Custom Sweatshirts, Long Sleeve T-Shirts

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