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K2 Recon Riser S-Class Steeps, corduroy groomers or boardercross; the Recon Riser S-Class is a unique fusion of speed, stability and control. Featuring S-Class technology, the 6 mm of dual composite risers help keep this board lean, while absorbing vibrations on those high-speed freeride missions. Hyper-Progressive Sidecut combined with a 4000 CGX base make the Recon the fastest ride possible, keeping your edge in the snow and giving you confidence, finesse and unparalleled stability at speed. CheapK2 Snowboards

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K2 Legend Snowboard combines the ultimate powder riding experience with all terrain freestyle perfection. A rockered tip and tail and option for either a centered or set back stance give you awesome powder floatation, while a short running length, twin styled tip shape and Hyper-Progressive Sidecut give you the ability to spin quickly off a lip and turn fast in the trees. If you can handle everything in sight, the Legend is your calling.

K2 Temptation Snowboard
So, basically, the graphics are drawn by Lilou and edited by Antti Rastivo. "Enjoy Flight" comes from a little girl in Tokyo who wanted to wish me well. The name is "LIWE" but pronounced "LIVE." It came from something Lilou randomly had written. I want to thank K2, Antti Rastivo and Lilou for this amazing piece of art. -Wille

K2 Jibpan Snowboard offers unrelenting performance and energy with graphics inspired by our Japanese pro team. Handling everything from kickers in the backcountry to those infamous snow dome rails, the Hyper Progressive Sidecut, New! Integrated S-Class Technology and Carbon Plus Torsion Forks warrant quick response, stable transition and powerful pop. The Jibpan is the ultimate, high performance twin-tip jib stick

Zeppelin Classic K2 Snowboard . The board that defines our heritage, the Zeppelin has offered peak to park performance for 11 years now. With a 4000 Ceramic Sintered base and Hyper Progressive Sidecut, the Zeppelin delivers speed and control. With a smooth and consistent release of energy precisely when you need it, the Ti - A Power Fork technology, Multi Polar Core and directional twin shape give you maximum pop charging the fall line from hit to hit or spinning off a cornice.

K2 Titan Snowboard The Titan is lightweight, has power and agilty in the wide category by offering high-end, all-terrain performance. This board delivers a strong and smooth ride in all conditions. What else would you expect from the Zeppelin's big-footed bro? A directional twin shape, combined with Ti - A Power Forks and Hyper Progressive Sidecut, the Titan is loaded with energy, response and snap.

K2 Eldorado Snowboard is fine-tuned with the latest in K2 technology. Introducing Integrated S-Class technology, the Eldo utilizes the most innovative vibration absorbing material ever inlaid in a board, giving your muscles a well-deserved break from any and all board fatigue. Slightly longer tip and tail, True Stance Sidecut and Carbon Torsion Forks, combine with S-Class technology, making the Eldo a perfect blend of comfort and versatility.

K2 Nemesis Snowboard the Nemesis pairs a mid-wide board with a New! 4 mm S-Class Riser, offering edge-to-edge quickness and unparalled stability at speed. With True Stance Dual Progressive Sidecut and Carbon Torsion Forks, the Nemesis rewards the size 10's to 14's with a powerful ride, maximum response and all-mountain versatility.

K2 Podium Snowboard A new addition this season, the Podium is everything you have come to expect from K2 for all-mountain performance. Providing state of the art technology for every rider's needs, this board packs in all the features and fun for those rounds in the park or that edge-happy freeride terrain. The Podium combines a Hyper Progressive Sidecut and composites of carbon and kevlar so you can conquer everything in your path.

K2 Darkstar Snowboards Designed by the K2 Pros, the Darkstar handles everything from park jumps to Mt. Baker powder days. With freestyle as the driving force behind this board, it comes loaded with Carbon Torsion Forks, Dual Progressive Sidecut and our Multi Polar Core, giving the board plenty of pop, yet still forgiving enough for effortless presses, liptricks and butters…not to mention quick response for those sketchy landings.

K2 Union Snowboards Taking our freestyle performance and magnifying it for the big-footed ruler. The Union is built for playground enthusiasts with Carbon Torsion Forks and Multi Polar Core to increase pop and stabilize landings. Dual Progressive Sidecuts keep it responsive and quick.

K2 WWW Snowboards designed to attack the street style of snowboarding. Built with park jumps and handrails in mind, the true twin-tip design with a longer effective edge and a shorter nose and tail lets you drop down in board size about 5 cm. We've also added a 142 to accommodate the little shredders and ladies out there. Built, tested and proven as the leader in freestyle progression.

K2 Select and Select Wide Snowboards An ideal board for the rider who is ready to commit and explore the endless possibilities on snow. Introducing the Select to the K2 collection, this board is built to get you to the next level or simply enjoy where you are. A Dual Progressive Sidecut and Carbon Inlays paired with a moderate flex pattern, makes for smooth, easy turns yet snappy, all mountain handling. This board is all about crusin' and having fun out there.

K2 Fuse and Fuse Wide Style Snowboards Ready to step up? The Fuse is anxious to jib and jump. This board gives you all the necessary tools to have a ton of fun. Flex patterns are tuned in both lengthwise and torsionally for a forgiving ride while a Dual Progressive Sidecut will get you on edge gradually. With a forgiving flex, easy maneuverability and solid durability, this board will get you through day one and take you well beyond day 100.

K2 Illusion and Illusion Wide Snowboards The Illusion board is the ultimate in entry-level performance. Featuring Hybritech Construction, a forgiving flex and easy turning ability, the Illusion will progress with you and make your days on the hill more fun.

K2 Vandal Snowboardthe Vandal is a freestyle specific board for kids. Borrowing tech from the Zeppelin, the Vandal is built with Hybritech Construction making running into and over stuff more fun and less expensive. The groms on this board have no trouble shreddin' with the big boys.

 Choose from shape designs that are directional, directional twin Widths that are standard, mid to wide widths, Mounting Systems that are I-Lock or inserts.

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