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Academy Snowboards has made some serious leaps and bounds for a small independent snow brand.

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Academy Snowboards is now in their 4th season are proud to introduce Collection #4. This year's collection, as always, features only the finest shapes and designs. Discount Academy Snowboards - Save up to 60% on Snowboards & Gear. Capita, Nitro, Ride, Rossignol, K2, Volcom & more at The House!

Their design team, which boasts over 5 "Top 10" Transworld Board Test Awards, have again raised the bar on design and quality control. We also strive to make the best possible snowboards for riders who want not only style and function but durability as well.

Quality First. Also, they are also trying to do our best to give back to thesnowboarding sport. From scholarship programs to can food drives to snowboard camps, they are trying to give back to the snowboard world. These guys are not just a one way street. They practice what they do - having fun snowboarding with your friends.

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The Academy Board Collection - 2006

The Academy Chad Otterstrom Snowboards “I like the 156.5 because it rides everything. It’s just big enough so I can land in pow, but not too big so it doesn’t feel like a tank . It has a medium to stiff flex so it rides any terrain without loosing control, and is also fun for going slow and buttering the hill. The 152 has a good side cut that holds a good edge in the pipe. It’s just the right size for a medium sized shredder and is great in the park. Oh yeah it slides rails, no problem. The 148 is my ideal jib/rail board and has a softer flex for the smaller/lighter crew.” - Chad Otterstrom

The Academy Recruit Snowboards The RECRUIT Series was created for the intermediate/advanced freestyler. This cap-constructed directional twin is designed for the pipe, parks, and rails. These boards are built with a lightweight Canadian aspen wood core with poplar stringers through the inserts for maximum strength. The full tip to tail wood core is wrapped in a tri-axial stitch fiberglass to create a consistent medium to stiff flex pattern through out. All Academy cap constructed boards come standard with full tip to tail wood core, 360-degree cap and full wrapped edges, Isocap 5000 topsheet with a scratch resistant UV coat. The Recruit Series features a Sintered 4000 base for maximum speed and durability with die-cut base logos. These boards will also feature half-inch space inserts to allow the rider to set up their ideal stance. “I love to ride street rails and jibs so what suits me best for riding is the Recruit 149. Hands down, the shape is sick! With the snap it holds in the nose and tail for those high ollies and nollies even after a long session on the streets. Plus with the cap construction, these boards can take a beating and punishment. When I ride big jumps and powder I prefer the recruit 156.” -MICAH McGINNITY

The Academy Merit Snowboards The MERIT Series is our high performance directional board that features our new hybrid construction. With its capped tip and tail, combined with the sidewall running lengths, this board features the “best of both worlds” and was designed to accommodate the most serious riders. The Merit Series also features the Carbon Cord Fiberglass Weave (CCFW) which results in a stiffer flex pattern and increased memory camber.

“The Merit is hands down the best snowboard I have ever ridden. It handles on any terrain, The hybrid is forgiving in chatter and precise in the pipe. I only need one snowboard for the rest of my life, the Merit 59.” -MATT P

"The merit is an all around freestyle/freeride board that handles in all situations. With its aggressive sidecut and amazing pop, it makes for a sweet ride." -CJ MARSH

The Academy Collective Snowboards The COLLECTIVE Series was created for the die-hard big mountain and back country enthusiasts. These boards also have increased effective edge for excellent stability in high-speed turns and a longer nose/radius profile for maximum surfacing in the heavy pow days. The full-length urethane dampeners help reduce chatter on the rutted hard pack and ice in turn providing the rider with better edge control and a smoother ride. The Collective 158 Wide is a freeride design for the big footer.

“The Collective 58 wide is my favorite all around board. It’s perfect for riding any part of the mountain, with a medium to stiff flex, it's good for landing big airs and steep lines. I pretty much ride a 58 all over, from the park to sled land, it’s all good.” -MIKE TURNER

The Academy Rythym Snowboards
The RHYTHM Series is our high performance sidewall constructed boards created for the freestylers who prefer the sandwich feel and flex pattern. The 57 was voted Top 10 by the Transworld Board Test in 03’ and was sold out before we even shipped.

“The rhythm has the perfect flex and is super fun on jibs and even in the pipe. The rccruit isn’t super stiff, but is still very responsive and holds an edge.” -JONAS MICHILOT

The Academy Commuter Snowboards The Commuter Series is the top of our high performance sidewall constructed directional all mountain boards for the advanced freestyler/freerider. In addition to all the same high standard features as the Rhythm Series, the Commuter Series features the Carbon Cord Fiberglass Weave. With the carbon fiber cords woven directly into the fiberglass, this board delivers a true flex curve in the board from tip to tail.

”The Commuter is a freeriding board that has quick edge to edge energy transfer with a flex that can withstand any crud snow in the way of it. While it is an amazing board to freeride on, it is just as comfortable on jumps. This board was very stiff and responsive and just all around the best board I have rode.” -SHANDY CAMPOS
Choose from shape designs that are directional, directional twin Widths that are standard, mid to wide widths, Mounting Systems that are I-Lock or inserts.

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